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petrochemical and oil refining equipment

milking and milk processing equipment

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equipment for soft beverages production and breweries

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water treatment and water purifying equipment

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tanks and vessels,
process tanks

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balneological equipment

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assembling, maintenance, repair

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About REEFING Co., Ltd


REEFING Co., Ltd is a scientific and production organization that designs and manufactures high added value products.

Our mission is to design and provide clients with  high quality equipment, technologies and services.  



Priority Areas of Our Activities 

Design and Manufacture of Equipment for:

petrochemical and oil refining refineries: foremost, Internals for reforming and hydrotreating reactors; Internals for column enthalpy exchangers; Internals for hydrocracking reactors; Heat exchangers; Filter units for various operating fluids;

Design, Manufacture, Assembling and Service Support of Equipment for:

the agricultural sector and food industry (equipment sets for milking and milk primary processing in various options);

for soft beverages production and breweries (equipment sets for brewery and kvass works: tanks and flat, curved and cylindrical sieves for filtration of different fluids; also centrifugal drying, washing, draining and sorting of different granular materials);

Water Treatment and Water Purifying Equipment (well filters, units for pool water cleaning, automatic drinking water purification units with capacities from one cottage to a town of several thousand people).


Limited Liability Scientific Research Company REEFING (REEFING Co., Ltd). Proprietary form is private business established in January 1994, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, Russia.

здание офиса ООО "РИФИНГ". REEFING office


Family of Companies

REEFING Co., Ltd is a head company performing products design and manufacturing.

REEFING-Service Co., Ltd is a company conducting equipment assembling, maintenance and repair.

Types of Works Performing

Engineering, exploratory design studies, analytical calculations and experimental development works, drafting of project drawings and its essential coordination with Client,engineering and operational documentation development,products manufacturing, designer and engineering inspections during manufacturing and testing, demonstration of finished goods to Client when released from shop, participation in equipment assembling or equipment assembling, designer supervision during equipment operation. As well as staff training, guarantee and post-warranty service and repairs.